A Resilient Attitude will set you free.

Jul 31, 2018 | Stress Relief Retreats, Wellness Retreats

Hi there, Dr. Dominic Gaziano here, “Dr. G”, a stress management expert and practicing adult primary care doctor in Chicago. I have been witness to thousands of my patients struggling with their life stresses. I have seen how my patient’s resilient attitude helped to decrease the heavy weight of those stresses. In time, I have watched with delight as their new found resilience helped them gain inner peace. I will share the powerful and life changing aspect of resilience with you.

We go around in life acquiring more and more “stress baggage”. It’s as though we’re going on a vacation and we have to carry these 3 heavy bags. We have to carry stress baggage number 1, our financial stresses, and then there’s stress baggage number 2, relationship stresses, and finally stress baggage number 3, the low self-esteem stress. After many years, the weight of all these stress bags gets heavy. I will help show you a way to unpack your stress baggage and leave some behind or in time ditch the whole suitcase.

Our heavy bags of stress are years and years of piling up different negative thoughts and no way to unload these negative thoughts. A resilient attitude will help us deal with and look at these stress with fresh objective eyes and determine whether these are just extra worries that we can just drop, or deal with them in a systematic way and and in time time eliminate these.

Resilience is that can-do attitude that we believe that we can approach this baggage and try to understand exactly why the stress baggage bothers us. Resilience is also mental toughness, no matter what extra stress comes our way, we analyze it in a proactive way and have a plan to deal with it effectively. Resilient people are open to that change and welcome that change of life that may occur not as a threat but as a challenge to conquer.

Below is a brief brief video clip defining Resilience


Resilience is something that we want, it’s been proven that those with a resilient attitude are both physically and mentally more healthy. Resilient people are those that we admire. In the course of a month they may have lost her job, suffered financial losses, had relationship struggle yet they come out looking strong and smelling like a little rose. We envy them, we want to be like them. At my retreat I will show you how to attain true resilience.

I would like to invite you to my week long “Stop the Stress Loop” retreat at the internationally renowned Pritikin Longevity center in Miami.

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At the retreat, you will finally find a way to stop those obsessive stress loops going off in your head. You will find ways to deal with these obsessions and stress effectively. We will break your stress loop, help you develop your own resilience and find your peace of mind.

See you in Miami,

Dr. G

Dominic Gaziano, M.D is the author of the book Feel Good Health. Previously he was the Director of the Integrative Medicine Department at Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital, overseeing a program which melded both western and eastern health practices. Traditionally trained in western medicine and having interacted with numerous practitioners from the east, he offers excellent therapeutic strategies from both worlds

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