Demystifying Detox Cleanses

Dec 29, 2018 | Healthy Living Retreats, Nutrition Retreats, Wellness Retreats

If you’re like many people who’ve never done one, the words “juice cleanse” or “detox” may strike fear in your heart, or at the very least confusion. What exactly is a cleanse and why would anyone want to do one? Well we’re here to lift up the curtain and demystify detox once and for all.

Let’s get your fears taken care of straight away. You will not starve on our cleanse. Our doctors have taken hundreds of people through this cleanse and no one has perished or been so uncomfortable that they couldn’t complete the program.

Now onto the good stuff: the benefits. Think of a cleanse as a deep house cleaning by a professional for your body. Even when we eat clean, it’s pretty impossible for some processed and non-natural ingredients to sneak into our system, and if you eat the typical American diet, the level of toxins can skyrocket. A cleanse is a non-pharmaceutical approach that is like hitting your body’s reboot button.


Top 6 Benefits of The Holiday Detox Retreat Cleanse


Higher Nutrient Absorption: Juicing extracts all the important ingredients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables and puts them in a form our bodies can easily process and absorb.

Reduces Stress: Alcohol, sugar, caffeine and refined foods all stress out the body’s adrenal glands. Removing those things during a cleanse helps the adrenals get back in balance. Cortisol is also reduced because the liver isn’t working as hard, which also aids in lowering stress.

Better Digestion: By removing processed foods and giving our bodies easy to process juice, bloating, gas and constipation are reduced.

Increased Energy: When your liver doesn’t have to work so hard to break down toxins you have more energy, even with reduced calories.

Weight Loss: Many chemicals we’re exposed to dissolve only in fat. Which means our body has to retain fat to process the toxin. Eliminate the chemical and the body can let go of fat.

Improved Sleep: When the adrenal gland and cortisol are in balance, natural sleep rhythms return.

Release Emotional Blocks: Often, the physical cleanse also becomes an emotional cleanse. Without the ability to eat our emotions and pain, things often rise to the surface where we can finally process them.


If you’re ready to reboot your body to start 2019 fresh, join Retreats Unlimited at the Holiday Detox Retreat Cleanse at The Spring Resort & Spa Jan. 6-12, 2019. Several spaces are still available.

A cleanse or detox is good anytime of the year, but after the holiday eating season it’s especially ideal.

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