Tosca Reno Clean Living® Experience

Do you want to learn about Clean Eating techniques from a NY Times Best Selling Author?

Do you want to understand what the right food is for your body type?

How about developing a work-out routine that you can stick to and that actually changes your body for the better?

Want to learn to create a happier healthier lifestyle?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all the above, join Tosca! 

Jan. 21-24, 2018

Rancho Valencia

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

$3,999 Single Occupancy

$2,973 Double Occupancy (per person/per room)


Have you ever wished you could ask a wellness guru like Tosca Reno these question:  “I am going through some tough times and I wonder what your secret is?  I’ve been following you and I’ve had my book signed by you but yet I still struggle.  Pulling it all together through all the rough times you’ve had.  How do you stay motivated? How do you stay on your game? What is your secret to glowing, radiant, authentic wellness? I want to know! I want to be well. I want to spend a day with you to learn how to do it for myself?”

If that describes you, then the first ever Eating clean experience with tosca reno at rancho valencia is for you.

According to the World Health Organization, wellness is not simply the absence of disease. Rather, it is the presence of robust nutritional and physical habits as well as mental, social and emotional strength.

Together these three practices combine to create a happier, healthier more resilient you.

“Participating in this wellness retreat with me, will give you the personal touch and guidance I strive to offer via my books and speaking engagements, but at Rancho Valencia, I will be right there beside you.  Together we will practice – how to care for ourselves in practical, powerful ways through the tools of Eating Clean®, Functional Fitness and Gratitude Journalling. Join me!” –Tosca    

Your Host:

Tosca Reno

Participating in a wellness retreat with me, will give you the personal touch and guidance I strive to give in my books and speaking engagements, but I will be right beside you.  Together we will learn how to care for ourselves in practical, powerful ways through the tools of Eating Clean®, Functional Fitness and Gratitude Journalling.

You will want to discover the strategies I have applied to my own life, to survive and even thrive, in this increasingly challenging world.

I will share my story – there is always a story.  My story may also be your story.  I was once obese, pre-diabetic, struggling with self esteem and worth issues. I have lost loved ones to disease and accident. I have lost every penny and been in crippling debt.  I am you.

It would be my greatest pleasure to meet you and work with you.

FREE 10 Minute Retreat Consultation

Retreat Includes:

4 days-3-nights in luxury accommodations at the magnificent Rancho Valencia

  • All-inclusive gourmet meals and non- alcoholic beverages
  • All taxes and tips
  • Retreats Unlimited Swag Bag
  • One 90-minute spa treatment of your choice 
  • Guided Excursion

$3,999 Single Occupancy

$2,973 Double Occupancy (per person/per room)

Day 1

Arrive at Rancho Valencia

Rest and Relax

Meet and greet with Tosca

6 pm Welcome dinner – Kick off with Mindset Makeover Challenge

Day 2

Meditation- 30 minutes of grounding work

Early morning run/hike

Breakfast- Eat Clean® approved recipes

1st education session: Hydration “Wetter water”

Lunch- Eat Clean® approved recipes

Motivation group activity- “What’s Clean Living”

Spa Treatments

Dinner and socialize- Eat Clean® approved recipes

Day 3

Meditation- 30 minutes of grounding work

Mindfulness in Nature guided experience at Torrey Pines 

Breakfast- Eat Clean® approved recipes

2nd education session: Mindfulness session outside- whole body workout

Lunch- Eat Clean® approved recipes

Excursion or relax

Dinner and socialize- Eat Clean® approved recipes


Day 4

Meditation- 30 minutes of grounding work

Early morning run/hike

Breakfast- Eat Clean® approved recipes

Rebounding workout 



Rancho Valencia- Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Amid the inviting courtyards and bubbling fountains, our hotel’s 49 authentic, hacienda-style suites – which we lovingly call our casitas – are the embodiment of sophistication, pampering you with an artful mix of comfort and privacy. Each spacious hotel suite boasts rustic custom furnishings, romantic lighting and a private garden patio overlooking the olive groves and surrounding canyons of the San Diego area.  Guests should fly into Sand Diego Airport and transfers can be arranged for a additional fee.


Welcome to Rancho Valencia. Where lush citrus and olive groves meet sunset skies dotted with hot air balloons. Where cuisine is crafted using fresh, seasonal produce, herbs grown right on property and local Temecula honey. And where the steaks come from prime and grass-fed, pasture-raised beef. It all adds up to an exceptional dining experience that is far from the ordinary, and simply perfect.

Our talented culinary team, led by Executive Chef Jarrod Moiles and Chef De Cuisine Josh Holt, works personally with some of the country’s most notable farms to source the elements for Rancho Valencia’s cuisine, ensuring only the best ingredients and freshest flavors possible at our two restaurants. Veladora brings together stunning valley views with Mediterranean cuisine in a captivating, candlelit modern hacienda setting, while The Pony Room serves up craft tequilas and cocktails alongside rustic American cuisine for lunch and dinner.


Every detail at our Southern California spa resort is meticulously tailored to create the ultimate destination for wellness and tranquility, starting with the basics like freshly-made organic fruit and vegetable juices to a Yoga Pavilion, Pilates studio, advanced exercise programs, and fitness sessions hosted by top-tier wellness professionals.

Discover the world’s invigorating essences and inspire your own journey of self-discovery – one that will stay with you long after your stay at our San Diego area spa resort has ended.


Located 15 minutes from the resort enjoy a picnic or hike at the Torrey Pines State Reserve. The 2,000 acre Torrey Pines State Reserve offers 8 miles of trails, a visitor center, and guided nature walks on weekends and holidays. Through the ups and downs of the trail, you will find stunning overlooks, peaceful trails and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and La Jolla Point.


  • Rancho Valencia is located 25 miles north of San Diego, just a half-hour drive from the San Diego International Airport and 17 miles south of McClellan-Palomar Airport, and easily accessible from the freeway in every direction. Feel free to contact us for directions to our luxury hotel while on the road or for help locating destinations in the Southern California area.
  • Deposit Policies: To reserve your spot a non-refundable deposit required of $500.00 per person, balance must be paid in full by Dec.21, 2017.
  • Cancellation policies: Any reservation must be cancelled by Dec. 21, 2017 to avoid penalties, non-refundable deposit of $500.00 will not be returned
  • Have any questions? Please contact us directly at Dates are subject to change.

* This retreat does not include round-trip airfare, incidentals such as souvenirs, additional tours not part of the itinerary, and spa treatments. We highly encourage you to contact us prior to booking your flight. Travel insurance is suggested.