Are you struggling to find a fitness routine that fits into your daily life and that you can maintain? Do your firm resolutions quickly fizzle because life gets in the way? Have you tried every diet and health fad, only to give up in the end? We have an answer for you…fitness retreats! Fitness and wellness-based retreats are a great way to jumpstart your health and fitness routine and learn the secrets of some of the most well-known fitness and wellness experts in the world. Learn how to maximize your workouts, work fitness into your daily life, and nutritional habits that nourish your body in both a healthy and delicious way! Experience fitness in a totally different way that is fun and maintainable and get on the fast track to reaching your goals! The time is now.

Below are a few of our retreats that would be a perfect for those wanting to boost their fitness regiment.

Brooke Burke Body Transformation Retreat

The Don CeSar – FL

January 24-27, 2019

Give yourself the gift of time for self-care during this transformative retreat. Within a community of like-minded women, let Brooke’s engaging spirit, sound advice and motivation encourage and empower you to change your life!

Fit & Fun with the Freemans
Costa Baja Resort – LaPaz, Mexico

Jan. 31- Feb. 4, 2019

Join Joel & Breanne Freeman for the new way to beach vacation! Most beach vacations are only about lolling on the sand, drinking high-calorie fruity drinks and going home flabbier than you came. It’s a new year, and we have a new twist on the traditional beach getaway!

A Place of Peace with Michelle & Keith
Costa Baja Resort – LaPaz, Mexico

Jan. 31- Feb. 4, 2019

Join Michelle and Keith as you search for your inner fire for life! This retreat mixes luxury, with adventure, beachfront workouts, and all things to rekindle that inner flame and live your best life.