Flow Retreat

Equilibrium – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

January 24-27, 2019


Slow Down!

Jump off the crazy train and find your center again


Yellow lights and caution signs tell us to slow down when driving, but in our always on 24/7 life, we often miss the warning signs like tiredness, irritability and depression, that should tell us to slow down and regroup.

This Slow Down retreat is based on Chinese Medicine and Taoist 5 Elements Philosophy, which emphasizes getting into balance and harmony with the natural flow of life.

Unlike a typical yoga retreat, the Flow Retreat, is specifically designed to the time of year. Winter is a season to slow down and pay homage to the water element. Water always flows, it doesn’t get stuck, it simply lets the universe take it where it needs to go. Led by expert yoga teacher, Maria Abad, you’ll learn through this slow, restorative yoga practice to be more like water in your daily life.

Maria was introduced to yoga at an early age in her native Venezuela, she shares with us more than twenty five years of practice, and fifteen years of teaching experience. She has completed a variety of international Yoga trainings, and certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Taoist, Iyengar, Restorative, Bikram, Tantra, and Laughter Yoga. Furthermore, she is an Asian healing arts therapist, specializing in Thai Massage.
“Being part of our Taoist Yoga for the Seasons (4 retreats) you will have the opportunity of flowing with the nature. Starting with what you eat to what type of yoga you should practice or which part of your body is more sensitive, you will learn how to respect and harmonize with nature’s season. This is what Taoist Philosophy is all about” – Maria Abad

What to Expect



By taking time to go inward and recenter you’ll return to your daily life with more balance and peace.


You’ll have a new yin yoga routine to return to whenever life gets overwhelming.


In between doing the inner work, you’ll rest, relax, and recharge with gourmet food, new friends, spa treatments and more.


A chance to disconnect from the world, work and social media (Don’t worry, in the case of emergencies you can be reached!)

The Retreat Includes

4 days 3 nights in a Casita of your choice
Breakfast, lunch and dinner during your retreat
All non-alcoholic beverages
Daily group yoga classes
Daily group pranayama sessions
Nightly sacred fire ceremonies



Transformed Individuals


Nurture & Nature

We're here to nurture you inside and out, with nutritious meals and serene surroundings.


The Kriya Spa experience is about seasonal treatments personalized according to your intentions. The extensive treatment menu includes classics like massage and facial services to acupuncture, craniosacral therapies, and reflexology. The spa is a tranquil oasis that perfectly complements the retreat by allowing you to nurture the relationship with yourself.


Inspired by nature and completely organic and plant-based, the cuisine at Equilibrium is a highlight of the experience. Michelin-star level dining without the guilt!


Discover Equilibrium, a healing ground for the mind, body and soul conceived as a technology detox retreat based on nature and soul nurturing food and activities.

A peaceful haven hidden in the mountains south of Puerto Vallarta designed to create memorable and lasting effects of well-being and peace. Come join us and let the healing begin.


Sample Day


Tea & Coffee

Yoga Practice


Taoist Philosophy Class



*Kriya Center Therapies, Private Meditation Sessions or Personal Time


Yin Yoga Practice


*Treatments from our Kriya Center at an additional cost and we recommend you to book the therapies before hand.


Choose one of our gorgeous casitas for your stay

Casita Ahymsa or Satya/Santosha

  • Single: $1,820 USD (1,950 CAD)
  • Double: $1400 USD (1,500 CAD) P/Person

Casitas Brahma & Prana

  • Single: $1,866 USD (2,303 CAD)
  • Double: $ 1508 USD (1,705 CAD) P/Person **king size bed only**

Casitas Darana & Drishti

  • Single: $2,306 USD (2,746 CAD)
  • Double: $1,760 USD (2,035 CAD) P/Person
  • Triple: $1,400 USD (1,500 CAD) P/Person

Are you ready to align your life?

Customized payment plans are available - Save your spot for only $750

  • Payment plans are available- click here for more info.
  • Spa treatments can be purchased during the retreat if desired.
  • A credit card must be presented at the time of check in for incidental charges.
  • Deposit Policies: To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit required of $750.00 per person is due, balance must be paid in full by Dec. 21, 2018.
  • Cancellation policies: Any reservation must be cancelled by Dec. 21, 2018 to avoid penalties, non-refundable deposit of $750.00 will not be returned.
  • Flight/travel insurance is strongly encouraged. Dates are subject to change.
  • Have any questions? Please contact us directly at Tiffani@MyRetreatsUnlimited.com. Dates and above itinerary are subject to change

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