I just finished my first meditation retreat; to say that I think it has changed me forever is an understatement.

As a facilitator and owner of the company running the retreat, I felt strange as a participant.  After all, I was the one handling all of the guests needs, making sure everyone was happy, etc. I was not sure what to expect and I had to stay in control, don’t we all?

When I arrived at the retreat, my body felt stressed, and I was under a lot of pressure.  My weight was up, my eating was off and I felt generally exhausted after a draining summer.

Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation, teaches meditation to anyone who wants to make real change in their life.  The retreat began with a beautiful ceremony, and continued daily with lectures and meditations with Emily.  I hung on her every word, listened intently and thought long and hard.  I stopped being obsessed with my phone, my e-mails and what I had not accomplished that day.

Surrounded by a physician, entrepreneurs, busy moms, a woman caring for an ill parent and a couple of stressed gals in their early 30’s, I began to realize what we all had in common.  Our busy lives were getting the best of us.  Lack of time and self-care did not allow us to deal with the core issues that we were all facing. These issues, different for everyone, were preventing us from living in the moment, as Emily explained.

This busy lifestyle and lack of self-care stopped a few of the women in their tracks. After stories shared about some serious health issues from these young women, I began to pay attention.  This was me – and I knew I needed to make some serious changes.

During the retreat, I learned to trust the universe, and the most difficult thing I learned is that my own self-care is pretty darn pathetic. Dealing with some things that were stored down deep left me feeling light, happy and amazing.  I wanted more of this meditation stuff and I made a pact with myself that nothing would get in the way.

Everyone on the retreat was accomplished and amazing in their own way.  We bonded over long dinners, shared stories, health tips and life’s challenges.  When our time came to a close, I don’t think anyone realized how close we had all become.

I have so much respect for all of these women who are amazing in their own way.  My hope for all of them is that they practice more self care moving forward and meditate, of course!  I look forward to many more retreats with these ladies.  I am not sure they will ever know how much I learned from each and every one of them.

As for Emily – I hope she truly understands the impact she has on others – and that this program is forever changing lives, one person at a time.  I can’t recommend this program more to those of us who need to make change in our lives.  Meditation brings better focus, higher productivity and even better sex!

I will be forever grateful for these tools that Emily and Ziva Meditation bring to the world and I will work everyday to take these two-20 minute blocks of time, to sit with my eyes closed, let my stress melt away and give thanks for all of my gifts.

Until our next retreat!


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