Life happens, and we could all use a moment to take a step back and reflect. If you feel like you are stuck and in dire need of a breakthrough, a meaningful retreat could be your first step to healing and growth. Being completely immersed in an environment that is both supportive and safe, you are free to release what is no longer serving you and make lasting changes in your life. Whether you want to get your happy back, overcome a life obstacle, or just experience some uninterrupted “me time”, our self-improvement retreats are the perfect opportunity to engage in self-care and turn over a new leaf. Here’s to total wellness: physically, emotionally, and spiritually!
Below are some of our meaningful retreats for anyone ready for some real shifts in their lives:

Beautiful Money: Holistic Wealth & Detox Retreat with LeAnne Jacobs

The Don CeSar – FL

March 3-5, 2019

Join Leanne Jacobs on this revolutionary wealth + wellbeing event where you be treated to yoga, detoxing, juicing, ultra clean eating, Seven-figure wealth strategies, and all things beautiful money.

Place of Peace in LaPaz, Mexico with Michelle & Keith

CostaBaja Resort & Spa- LaPaz, Mexico

Jan. 31- Feb. 4, 2019

Sitting on a beautiful beach in Los Cabos, Mexico, Michelle Steinke-Baumgard hit a personal rock bottom. She was tired, overworked, overweight and her beautiful life seemed anything but ideal. Michelle had fallen into the trap that happens to so many adults, putting everything and everyone above herself. Find your fire again and live your best life in Mexico! 

Beautiful Money: Holistic Wealth & Detox Retreat with Leanne Jacobs

Red Mountain Resort – UT

June 12-15, 2019

Now, you can explore Zion, the world famous Narrows slot canyon, and so much more, all while experiencing the world-class spa and amenities of Red Mountain Resort. SOLD OUT!