The Wellness Industry – Are You Getting Your Fair Share?

[I]s Your Hotel Capturing Its Fair Share of this $439 Billion Dollar Wellness Travel Industry?

The wellness industry is exploding and Retreats Unlimited is poised and ready to help hoteliers compete and win their fair share of this lucrative industry. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, Retreats Unlimited provides our expertise in public relations, social media and event planning to create incremental revenue for our resort clients.

A research report conducted by SRI International for the Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) recently found that wellness tourism already represents a US$439 billion market, or 14% of world tourism expenditures. The industry also predicts the market share of wellness tourism to grow 9% annually through 2017, which is 50% faster than “regular” tourism.

Retreat Development

Retreats Unlimited has put our resort on the map for retreats and wellness travel.  Our resort is remote and not easy to get to – this program gives people a reason to want to stay with us.  We have seen big increases in sales and awareness with this program and we look forward to booking more retreats in 2016.


Eduardo Herrera

General Manager, CostaBaja Resort & Spa

[W]hy host a retreat?

“Affluent peace-seekers are clamoring for ascetic retreats in pursuit of the one thing money can’t buy: personal transformation,” DuJour Magazine. Retreats Unlimited offer guests a highly personalized experience beyond the resort experience. It’s a time for guests to let go, let their hair down and be themselves. For many it’s a week to leave behind the daily grind. Mom’s that need a break from shuttling kids to and fro 24/7 or a place for high-powered executives to shutdown, breath and enjoy long silences and moments of stillness.

And hosting a retreat helps your resort be unique in the marketplace and generates extensive attention for the property as a whole.

Are Increasing Incremental Revenue Streams of Interest?

What would you say to a retreat that could possibly generate $12,000 a month and all you need to do is accept the final reward: a check? It’s really a no brainer. Retreats Unlimited has found a way to seamlessly make wellness retreats part of your offerings without a huge toll on your staff. We offer the following to assist you in putting heads in beds and increase RevPAR. For our resort clients we accomplish the following initiatives:

  • Source retreat specialist: yoga, fitness, surf pro, meditation, culinary and more
  • Contract negotiations with these specialists and your resort
  • Onsite retreat planning from start to finish to maximize property assets
  • A strategic publicity plan to generate incremental exposure for the event and the property
  • Email campaign via an exclusive newsletter developed for the retreat
  • A social media campaign to boost interest and book guests

Wellness Marketing Unlimited

[I]maginative Hotel Public Relations Programs Create High Visibility

We live in an over-communicated society—thus making publicity even more challenging. A campaign must be spot on with a carefully worked out public relations program to have any chance of success.

In the world of hotel and luxury travel, effective public relations can make the difference between success and failure. Few activities can generate more bookings than a timely, well-placed feature story, and although advertising copy can deliver marketing messages, people put much less faith in ads.

We Draw on Strong Media Relationships

Our firm brings you established relationships with media centers around the globe. We’re continually strengthening our relationships with traditional and online media outlets. Poised to deliver specialized messages where they will have the greatest impact, we build media awareness of your individual brand.

We develop practical strategies to get coverage for you in the world’s most influential outlets, including:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times
  • USA Today
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Ocean Home
  • Coastal Living
  • Bride’s Magazine

We Build Your Connection with Travel Media and Grow Your Audience

Since consumers are more likely to put their trust in a journalist’s story than in paid advertisements, PR is a much more powerful marketing tool and it can generate awareness and increase visibility for your hotel or resort in a credible way.

We work with you to create luxury travel press releases that deliver fresh, exciting content to the best media outlets. What’s more, we help you develop a plan for getting positive news features in the traditional and online travel media. We partner with you to:

  • Organize press trips with top journalists
  • Draw specific target audiences with focused messages
  • Identify opportunities for editorial coverage
  • Coordinate interviews that lead to top-tier press coverage

Our Comprehensive Media Relations Services Gets Results

The news media are the greatest resource available for a public relations campaign. To create credibility and to ensure that the news releases don’t get trashed, the press releases must be newsworthy. Media acceptance can be gotten through creative strategies.

We ensure that everything communicated to the media is timely, accurate, and written to the highest journalistic standards. Ideally, our objective is to become a reliable and credible resource for them, so they not only run the press releases, but also call when they’re looking for an expert, material or quotes for a story.

We provide full media relations services, including responding to incoming media calls, providing requested data about the organization, its spokesperson, its services and arranging interviews.

The Objectives of the Public Relations Campaign

Hotel and resort services promotion is one of the primary objectives—the free ride for the organization’s property in the media. The key function is to build confidence in the brand. Good works and positive communication create sound public relations practices. Publicity for the property is a key part of marketing and is tailored to the hotel or resort.

On a preliminary basis, subject to refinements based on research, the objectives of the public relations campaign would be:

  • Create interest among the publics (audiences) for the property leading to increased bookings.
  • Build brand identity.
  • Communicate with the various publics the high quality, integrity, competence and the high standards of the property, its principals and its services.
  • Get the property and executives recognized as recognized as an expert and visionary in the field.
  • A consistent campaign of press releases and other targeted communications will provide the safe pointing and credibility for the hotel and strengthen the perception of the property and its principals.

Making Your Property Stand out with Effective Public Relations

In hotel public relations, the news doesn’t come from paid advertising but from trusted third parties and, thus, is more credible and considered more reliable. A hotel public relations strategy is not about flooding newspapers with hundreds of press releases:

  • It’s about delivering compelling stories about your hotel or resort that will spark real interest from potential clients.
  • It’s about securing credible reputation and recognition.
  • It’s about identifying the brand of your hotel and letting people know what it is that makes your property stand out.

The PR Process is in Four Stages

  1. Research – “know before you go” through market research. This is a vital step that is often skipped or poorly done. We begin with an in depth analysis of all your opportunities and challenges.
  2. Planning – the creation of the PR campaign
  3. Execution – communicating to the target publics (audiences) with an effective, coordinated campaign.
  4. Review and evaluation – manage and adjust the campaign as needed. Reporting and client consultations.

We put our industry experience to work building a comprehensive, enticing public image for your luxury destination. For more information about our hotel public relations programs and a complementary consultation, call us 312-961-3280.

Digital Media

[W]e Implement Marketing Strategies Through Social Media For Hotels

At Wellness Marketing Unlimited, we incorporate social media for hotels into our marketing strategies. These strategies provide hoteliers with powerful media marketing tools designed to maximize revenues. We start with a customized, needs-based public relations assessment for every client. From there, we put together sophisticated media relations campaigns.

Our promotion targets social media efforts, e-communications outreach programs — whatever combination we deem necessary to advance our clients’ standing among emerging and established print and digital communities. We’re always on top of the ever-changing trends in marketing.

Social Media Marketing: The New Face of Hotel and Luxury Public Relations

Making the most of social media is one of our top priorities today. After all, social media networks provide excellent opportunities for connecting and interacting with people, particularly those within your target market.

Keep this in mind: Facebook alone has 1.01 billion subscribers as of 2012, and there are 584 million active users each day. This should give you some idea of the massive scope of people that can be reached through social networks.

Let us further identify the specific ways in which different social media platforms can help our clients:

  • Improve upon their marketing goals
  • Increase their online visibility
  • Develop a stronger Web presence
  • Drive website hits
  • Attract awareness-building relationships with bloggers and podcasters
  • Track critical campaign outcomes
  • Social Media is PR of a Different Kind

Times have changed. Were living in an age when hotel and luxury travel customers are co-creating brand messages. Sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Expedia give immediate voice to any kind of customer feedback, positive or negative. Other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have completely transformed the way we exchange information. You need a public relations firm that knows how to navigate this new media landscape.

Building Communities Builds Better Public Relations

At Wellness Marketing Unlimited, we create the conditions that make social media work to your benefit. We’ll help you develop a full hotel and luxury travel social media strategy with the right mix of social media platforms, such as:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

We’ll further help your hotel build better public relations through social media by doing the following:

  • Manage your online reputation
  • Maintain a blog to post your activities, attractions, updates, and latest offerings.
  • Utilize effective strategies for widening the reach of all your social network accounts and increasing your fan base
  • Use all viable sites to help gain exposure for your social network accounts

Of course, the best blend of social media depends on the particular client. What is always important is making real, emotional connections that drive hits to sites, lead to new bookings, and build long-term customer loyalty. That’s exactly what we aim to do through social media for hotels.

Travel Agent Outreach

[T]ravel PR Agency Puts Your Company’s Name in Front of Key Audiences and Influencers

At Wellness Marketing Unlimited, our progressive communications programs extend far beyond the scope of traditional news outlets and the Internet. By aggressively reaching out to travel agents, and return travelers, on an ongoing basis, we put your name and brand in front of key audiences and influencers.

Strong Travel Agent Communications & Sales Programs Build Relationships with Target Audiences

We have a proven communications model that links agency clients to top-level travel industry communicants. This system also provides unrivaled access to principal marketing channels. We design and distribute e-newsletters featuring special events and/or key client promotions to an exclusive database of select travel-industry professionals and previous guests of a property. This is one of the programs that we utilize that helps attract potential customers to your business, while also addressing the interests of the existing customer.

Travel Agent E-Newsletters: a Value Added Element that Strengthens our Bonds
We design these travel agent e-newsletters to reflect each property’s brand, giving each property a chance to stand out on its own. This is an effective way to keep the intended receivers well versed about the resorts, upcoming events, and packages that help solidify and strengthen valued client partnerships.

The more than 16,000 travel agents in our database have come to rely on specialized communications like these to contribute to the building of their business in a competitive environment. By distributing brochures and forwarding reservation inquiries directly to the resort, we respond immediately to the individual needs, as well as the priority concerns of travel agents.