That time together was priceless…

Sep 20, 2018 | Fitness Retreats

Growing up, I have always been inspired by Brooke Burke.

She is a mom, TV host, business owner, model, and has one of the most fit bodies I have ever seen. I love that health and fitness are such a big priority to her so when I saw her post on Instagram that she was having a Brooke Burke Body Transformation Retreat I was so excited and 100% committed! I had no idea what to expect but I was just looking forward to meeting her, working out with her and learning as much as I could from her. How amazing is it that she is willing to share her wealth of knowledge with anyone who wants to join on this incredible retreat??

I have to say that everyday on this retreat exceeded my expectations. Brooke was SO kind and humble and so much fun to workout with. The other ladies that attended were so amazing too and have now become life-long friends. Every morning we had coffee together before our first workout of the day. That time together was priceless… we laughed, connected and learned about each other and our goals we had coming to something like this.

We would workout together twice each day and I have to say, those were the best workouts I have ever done! Brooke was so much fun and played such great music. I didn’t want the class to end!! I still do her workouts since I have been home and have seen a change in my body since attending her retreat in August.

One of my favorite parts of the day was our evenings together where we would just lay down and reflect while she talked us through a guided meditation. This for me is something that has really helped me with managing stress and anxiety. I am a fourth grade teacher so my days can be very busy and stressful at times. 🙂 The tools she taught us during this time were so valuable.

What was so great about this experience was the amount of time we were able to spend with Brooke as a group and our one on one time with her! I had no idea we would have the opportunity to connect with her as much as we did and have personal conversations really getting to know each other. She was so genuine and 100% invested in our health and fitness goals. We were also lucky enough to have Jorge Cruise on this retreat as well. He is a celebrity trainer and NY Times Best Selling Author and has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition. He worked with each of us one on one as well tailoring a daily eating schedule based on our schedules and needs.

I am so grateful I said YES and decided to do this for myself. It was the most incredible weekends with the most incredible people! I feel it is so important to surround yourself with people who inspire you to become better and that person for me is Brooke Burke.

Desiree McCracken

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