Sugar Strike

with Tosca Reno
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DATES: Sept. 26-30, 2018
Casa Coco B, Isla Mujeres

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Are you struggling with chronic pain?
Do you lack energy?
Have you noticed more wrinkles creeping up?
You might be surprised to learn that the culprit might be sugar. Not only does sugar turn into fat, it depletes your bones, leaches always vitamins and minerals and alters the micro flora in your gut.
Health experts now view an addiction to sugar akin to an addiction to smoking! Now is the time to quit with the Strike Sugar Retreat led by New York Times bestseller and transformation coach Tosca Reno. 
The retreat will kick start participants on Reno’s 4-week Strike Sugar Program and a sugar-free lifestyle. During the retreat guests will:
·     Learn the many hidden, surprising foods that sugar lurks in
·     How sugar is NOT a food and the many ways it undermines health
·     How artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar
·     Retrain their palate to not crave sweets
·     Enjoy tasty, sugar-free meals
·     Learn how to substitute sugar when cooking
·     Receive a nutrition plan and recipes
·     Have individual time with Tosca

Your host:
Tosca Reno

Reno started her career at an age when most would consider retiring, earning her first Oxygen cover at 43, after losing 84 pounds and healing herself. She has competed in numerous physique contests and endurance events. The founder of the Eat Clean® series that kicked off a food revolution by the same name, Reno has sold millions of copies, in several languages. She has helped millions lose weight and become well, thanks to Eating Clean®. Once 204 pounds and officially obese, Reno has maintained this using the Eat Clean Diet® method.Reno is best seen live, where she rivets the audience with her gut-wrenching authenticity and powerful storytelling. She loves life, and is a tenacious woman who has endured intense personal loss including the passing of her son and her husband. Reno is a force.Reno is an expert health and wellness advisor for Canfitpro where she speaks, lectures and conducts wellness seminars and online education programs.

During this retreat you will…





Save $250 using Tosca250 at checkout! Need a payment plan? Contact Tiffani for more info!

Destination: Casa Coco B- Isla Mujeres

Retreat Includes:

  • Four night – five day luxury accommodations at stunning Coco B Isla
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner including taxes and gratuities (*excludes alcohol and snacks)
  • 60 minute massage
  • Round trip airport from Cancun International Airport and Ferry to island
  • Snorkeling excursion including gear and lunch
  • Retreat Unlimited Swag Bag

$3,207 Double accommodation (shared- per person)
$3,507 Single

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Located in Isla Mujeres on the Sac Bajo peninsula with additional access by boat on the lagoon Makax, Casa Coco at Coco B, is a short walk from from casual and fine dining at Rolandi´s and several other dining options. We are also located walking distance from the Dolphin Discovery and Turtle Sanctuary. Enjoy our small exclusive and relaxed ambiance, concierge service, and access to excursions on and around the island.


Complimentary private transportation will be provided for retreat guests. 

Deposit Policies: To reserve your spot a non-refundable deposit required of $500.00 per person, balance must be paid in full by August 26, 2018. 
Cancellation policies: Any reservation must be cancelled by August 25, 2018 to avoid penalties, non-refundable deposit of $500.00 will not be returned
Have any questions? Please contact us directly at Dates are subject to change.
* This retreat does not include round-trip airfare, incidentals such as souvenirs, additional tours not part of the itinerary, and spa treatments. It is highly encouraged to purchase travel insurance. 

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