Your Healthiest Healthy Retreat

with Samantha Harris

Civana Carefree Resort

Carefree, AZ


May 16-19, 2019

Are You Really Living Healthy?

Are You Really Living Healthy?

You go to yoga three days a week, have a smoothie for breakfast every day and try and eat your veggies. You believe you’re living a wellness lifestyle, but are you really?

With all the information available at our fingertips today it should be easy to know if something is healthy or not, but it isn’t. Often toxic ingredients lurk in the everyday products we use, and in food that on the surface seems healthy.

Samantha Harris, former co-host of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight thought she was the picture of health. She felt good, she ate well and she worked out.

Then breast cancer came out of nowhere.

Only 40-years old at the time, Samantha had to fight with doctor after doctor who said she was fine, when her gut told her something was wrong. It was this experience that led her to look hard at her health, and she soon realized that foods she thought were healthy weren’t, and that everyday products she used were toxic. She realized that to be healthy today you have to be an informed consumer and your own best advocate.

Your Healthiest Healthy Retreat is designed to empower all women to learn what healthy really is and to take charge of their own and their families health. Samantha will be leading several talks on healthy nutrition, products and relationships. She will also lead you in the workouts that have made her a covergirl of over 10 fitness magazine covers.


Media personality and co-host of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight, Emmy-winner Samantha Harris is also an author, certified trainer, cancer survivor and unstoppable optimist. Her stage II invasive breast cancer diagnosis at age 40 inspired a quest for answers about how we can all improve our overall health, prevent chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune disease, and understand their underlying causes. The resulting book, Your Healthiest Healthy: 8 Easy Ways to Take Control, Help Prevent and Fight Cancer, and Live a Longer, Cleaner, Happier Life, (named one of People Magazine’s Ten Best New Health books) translates comprehensive, research-backed knowledge into an easy-to-follow action plan for maximizing health, energy and happiness for life.

A certified personal trainer and recognized fitness expert, Samantha has appeared on the cover of numerous health and fitness magazines, including Shape, First for Women, Fit Parent, Muscle & Fitness, HERS (a record four times), Pilates Style, Wellness, Women’s Running, and National Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen and American Cancer Society. 

Along with her husband, Michael, Samantha founded the online community Gotta Make Lemonade ( to inspire positivity in the face of adversity

What to Expect:


You’ll finally know how to determine what is really healthy and what is marketing hype.


You’ll know how to fight for your own health and navigate a complex healthcare system to get what you need.


Making small but significant lifestyle changes will lead you to have more energy than you think is possible.


You’ll leave having already taken a few small steps to wellness. Small changes have big impact and are easily integrated into daily life.

This ladies only Retreat Includes

4 days 3 nights at Civana Carefree Resort
All meals and beverages (excludes alcohol and snacks)

All taxes and gratuities

Retreats Unlimited Swag bag filled with Samantha’s Favorite Things
Group Coaching Sessions with Samantha

Samantha’s Signature Workout and Candlelit Evening Wind Down Classes 

$2,525 Double accommodation (shared room)
$2,850 Single accommodation

Book and Pay in Full and save $200 – use code Samantha200 at checkout


Life changing!

“Every woman concerned about her health or the health of the women in her life should read Your Healthiest Healthy. It’s like talking to an extremely knowledgeable girlfriend. Samantha has done her homework and offers so much great understanding, perspective and realistic advice. This book will change your life!”

—Kris Jenner

Samantha is wonder woman!

“If knowledge is power than Samantha Harris is Wonder Woman. This is going to do so much good for so many women.

—Rita Wilson

The Essential roadmap

“[Samantha’s book] will help you live your best, healthiest life every day”

—Christina Applegate

Nurture & Nature

We’re here to nurture you inside and out, with nutritious meals and serene surroundings.


Our bodies work hard for us. They carry us, shelter us, show us the world. At CIVANA, we honor our bodies with good, real food—whole, organic, made to sustain us and our planet. Our recipe is simple: fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains for mains, with meat (if you choose) on the side. And flavor? It’s the focal point. Our culinary team works hard to maintain integrity—to buy locally, seasonally, and sustainably. Because if it’s real, you taste it. And savor it. And then, come back for more.

Wellness & Spa

The new 22,000 square foot spa is designed to take you back to the origin of SPA –  Salus Per Aquam (Health through Water) by offering a choice of hydrotherapy immersions that include a tepidarium, hot/cold walking pool, cold plunge shower and saunarium. The ritual of “taking the waters” is intrinsic to the traditions of spa along with alternating hot and cold exposure. A pre and post ritual to ground the body for the healing therapies.

Civana Carefree Resort

CIVANA was born out of a desire to make wellness more expansive and approachable.  Grounded in the philosophy of wellness through oneness, we believe in the sustainable interconnection of the individual, community and natural environment.

CIVANA is a place for the traveler to rest, nurture, nourish and discover in both playful and impactful ways.  We encourage all to Seek Deeply, Travel Lightly, Live Fully.



Day 1


Arrivals Check in and explore the stunning grounds at Civana


6:00 PM Meet and Greet with Samantha Harris

6:30 PM Dinner – intentions; Tell Us What Brought You Here!

8:00 PM Fireside Community 
“Discussion” How to be your own best healthcare advocate and the importance of taking control! On this retreat you will learn to hone your health, cultivate your mindset, elevate your fitness, energize your best self and empower your extraordinary life.

Day 2


7:45 AM Coffee and pre-work-out smoothies and protein bites with Samantha

8:30 -10 AM Workout session — guided hike with Civana Expert

10:30 AM   Brunch and Discussion with Samantha “Your Healthiest Healthy Diet” –
How to rid hidden, harmful ingredients from our daily meals, cook without carcinogens and implement healthy dietary habits to get you your most energized, fit and healthy self yet!


12 – 4:00 PM Spa Time – Enjoy Your Spa Treatment

5:30 PM Sunset walk with Samantha


6:00 PM Dinner with Samantha

8 PM After Dinner restorative Candlelit stretch with Samantha

Day 3


7:45 AM 7:45 AM Coffee and pre-work-out smoothies and protein bites with Samantha

8:30-10 AM Workout Session with Samantha

10:30 AM  Brunch and Discussion with Samantha Harris Today is all about BEAUTY, and the toxins lurking in our beauty bag. You CAN take back control. Learn what to avoid and what to embrace. Bonus chat on cleaning supplies and straight talk about your period routine! 


12 – 4:00 PM Spa and relaxation time

5:15 PM Group girl talk and optional fun quickie straight-from-the-set celeb makeup tutorial on how to apply individual false lashes.


6:00 PM Dinner with Samantha

8 PM After Dinner Candlelit Stretch with Samantha

Day 4


7:45 AM  Coffee and pre-work-out smoothies and protein bites with Samantha

8:30 -10 AM Workout with Samantha – Cardio Burn Class with Samantha!

10 AM   Farewell Brunch and Discussion with Samantha- Toxic Friend Take-Down — we will discuss how to evaluate the relationships that detract from your life, arm you with tools to combat and rid yourself of them with minimal shrapnel then reinforce a positive support squad and discover the power of a positive mindset while also building resiliency.



Retreat Details

Payment Plans

Customized payment plans are available and can be arranged by contacting Tiffani Johansen directly at 630-337-3220

Travel Assistance

If you need travel assistance please contact Amy Buchert from Frosch Travel at 888-241-2592

Hotel Incidentals

A credit card must be presented at the time of check in for incidental charges (including spa treatments, additional excursions, alcohol, etc)

Deposit Policy

To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $750 per person is required. The balance must be paid 30 days prior to the start date of the retreat.

Flight Details

Please plan to fly in to Phoenix International Airport . The resort is 45 minutes from the airport and can be reached via rental car or Uber.  Ground transportation is not included in the retreat price.

Roommate Requests

If you desire a  roommate, please indicate this on your form upon sign up.  If we are unable to pair you with one, we will adjust your rate to Single Occupancy, and collect the difference one week prior to the event.


Travel Insurance is highly recommended.

Itinerary is subject to change.

Cancellation Policy

Your non-refundable deposit of $750 will not be refunded. Please review our Terms and Conditions for the breakdown of our cancellation policy.

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